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Illustrated Bikes on Stamps, 1996 Edition

by Steve Malone

I hereby place the PDF version of my book in the public domain.  The links below comprise the entire contents of the book.  Each link represents a separate PDF file covering the material in the link title.  The pages were scanned in black & white at 200 dpi.  File sizes range from about one-half to one megabyte.  The image quality is definitely less than that of the printed version of the book, but should be sufficient for most purposes.

I hope this information leads to a greater enjoyment of the hobby of thematic stamp collecting for people all over the world.

Happy Collecting!

Steve (;-)

Cover and Introduction

Stamps & Sheets:

Countries A - BH
Countries BO - CYP
Countries CZ - GAB
Countries GAM - GUY
Countries HAI - LES
Countries LIB - PAK
Countries PAL - SPA
Countries SRI - Z

Booklets & Panes

Postal Stationery (& Bibliography)