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What's New

May 2, 1999

Completed crossreferencing the various label lists.  This involved inserting rows that tell you where to look for brewery names that differ from brand or label names.   Added Lahnsteiner (St. Martin) and Aktien (Euer) Radlers.

April 18th, 1999

I've created a mailing list!  If you are interested in keeping abreast of any new discoveries of bicycle-related beer labels, coasters and/or cans, simply sign up below:

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Tripod's Web Site Post Office

April 5th, 1999

I started this site months ago, as my site was quickly exceeding its file storage capacity.  For several reasons it has languished, but a renewed effort is being made to finish it off.  To make the site more manageable, things are being simplified by providing only a label image and beer name - keeping up addresses and URLs, etc was a bit too time consuming.

This page was last updated on Saturday, June 26, 1999.